Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Which do you prefer?

Which one do you prefer???? 


Which one do you think InsyaAllah will safely arrived when she walk alone to somewhere?

Which one do you think will at least could avoid herself from become the victim of unpleasant view or  from any wicked man's evil plan? 

hehe.. I know you know the answer... So why don't YOU stop for a while and think about it? Allah have created a guide line for all of us to be followed just for our sake...

Wearing scarf or hijab doesn't mean that it will limits our daily activities... Right?! As long as you are in the right track, everything is okay... 

Plus, you will get benefits and reward (pahala) of doing that... so.. what are you waiting for?

 (>^_^)>  <(^_^<)


.:naqib saad:. said...

irpaaa.. aq pinjam entry ni eh ltak kat page fb ilmi-islam. bguih entry ni.. teruihhhhkan2.. huhu ;)

Irfa1810 said...

hah.. pinjamla.. at least ada jga post yg berilmu skit.. post yg lain tu ntah apa2 entah la... hahahha...

Anonymous said...

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